Autosomala DNA

There are numerous DNA testing laboratories and centers that do offer service-oriented DNA tests to find out the biological relationship via:

  • DNA Genealogy
  • DNA Anthropology
  • DNA Sibling Tests and;
  • DNA Paternity

Of course, there are other forms of DNA testing that can be performed but the above mentioned are the most common. Besides that, there are also peripheral services available such as DNA banking as well as ID services, DNA detective testing services and more.

Who’s Your Daddy Now?

With DNA paternity testing, it is carried out to figure out paternity of not just the child but of unborn fetus.

Majority of the paternity tests are 99 percent accurate and it can be utilized for legal applications too.

Most Notable DNA Tests Performed

DNA testing can help in establishing genealogy of an individual. This is done by using genetic markers that are distinct to populations. In most cases, there are three different kinds of inheritance pattern categories that markers follow and these are:

  1. DNA Line
  2. DNA Maternal or Paternal Line and;
  3. Autosomal DNA Line.

Few of the notable determination tests performed are ancestral original DNA population test, mtDNA sequence analysis, Native American DNA verification test and Y-Chromosome DNA study.