Celtic Tribes

European intellectuals are widely using the term “indigenous” as a title to what they refer to as “uncivilized” or “primitive”. This was used throughout history.

As a matter of fact, many are thinking that this is done as a way to put emphasis to the differences among tribes located in the Western hemisphere.

The Early Days of Human Race

Whereas the term “primitive” can be applied best to hunters who have roamed European landscape sometime 8000 years ago, unorganized, uncultured as well as having no sense of technological or economic developments. Not just that, if we are going to trace back roots of civilization, we will not end up in Western society. Rather, we would find ourselves either in North Africa or Mesoamerica. Not to mention, the Middle East at approximately 10000 to 8000 years ago.

Any kind of agricultural or mathematical expertise or technological advancement from Near East when migrants from now Israel, Lebanon and Syria spreads out over European continent and has interbred with blue-eyed and dark skinned hunters about 5000 BC.

Then There were the Interracial

Before, these individuals have fair skin. Then, Europeans mixed with what’s referred to as Caucasian race. With the introduction of agriculture, it has pushed the start of what we now call European civilization.