Huns DNA

Huns were multiethnic, enigmatic union that has controlled enormous lands of Eurasian Steppe between the 1st and 5th century AD. They have started from East and eradicating an entire civilization in their wake.

There are almost no clues with these mysterious and mythical warriors and what some historical accounts survive are mostly anti-Hun propaganda.

Because of that, up to this day, their language, origin as well as the impact has remained a mystery among many.

It’s an Itching Mystery everyone wants to Solve

As per a respected historian Peter Heather, he said that “We don’t know what type of language the Huns have spoke and probably never would”. There are a great number of people who believe that Hunnic was more of a Turkic language. On the other hand, at the time when Huns are on its expansion, the cluster of this language was only restricted to Eastern and Central Asia.

Then again, there were scholars who tried to brave analyzing Hunnic tongue via names of their tribes, places and people.

This is All We Know

Huns were one of the most feared and dreaded horsemen to step foot on the steppes. Their cavalry do consist of horseback archers who were oftentimes retainers and lesser nobles. As per their armor, they have worn loosely woven garments as well as light armor together with linked plates or sewn-on scales.