The process mankind have undergone to be where we us now is what making us humans.

For quite some time, early humans have been adapting to the ever-changing environment and how they evolved their characteristics have been a defining moment to the human race today.

The Process of Evolution

As you start exploring scientific evidences for such aspects, you will be quick to discover that these traits have not emerged at once. There are milestones and achievements in the process. To give you an example, early humans started to walk upright before they started to learn how to craft tools for hunting and cooking.

Yes, there is a fast development in brain size that has occurred in early humans especially in communication for before, symbols were used as the primary method of communication. But now, it evolved to the point that every country has their own language and every county has its own dialect being spoken. How cool is that?

One Step at a Time

Among the traits that have emerged to be extremely helpful was raising domesticated plants as well as animals for food. Look, everything started with something and from that primitive beginnings, it was continuously improved and developed and has resulted to what we are enjoying today.