Palaeolithic DNA

The Paleolithic Era or also called as the Old Stone Age started since the existence of early humans until sometime 12,000 years ago. But why is it called with such names?

Well, it is because of the reason that throughout this period, early humans were using stones in order to make tools. Moreover, they’re using stones as the actual tools too.

Tools are Accessories to a Smarter Way of Living

Tools are any objects that make life more convenient. In today’s time, we can define tools as smartphones or computers. But during the time Paleolithic era, it’s a word that was derived from two Greek words. These are Palaios and Lithos meaning Old and Stone respectively.

Early Humans were Smart

For the early humans of this period, the very first form of technology they have on their tool is flaking. While we know that tools and technology make life simpler, it is the actual skills of these people that have to lessen the burden.

Flaking is one good example of Stone Age skill. It involves the utilization of hammerstone in forming sharp edges on object stones by means of striking it on the sides. Through flaking, the early humans can sharpen their arrow tips and spear which is used to hunt prey and get foods.