Copper Bronze Age DNA

Bronze Age was the period of technological development in which metals were used regularly in manufacturing weapons and tools for hunting and basic livelihood of man.

Pure bronze and copper and alloy of tin and copper were initially used.

Hence, why this age is called also as Copper Age.

Birth of New Era, Death of a Civilization

The earliest recorded usage of cast metal may be deduced from clay models of various weapons. Without a doubt, casting was founded in Middle East around 3500 BC. This is following the Neolithic period or the development of metallurgical industry that has coincided with rise of urbanization.

With organize operations of smelting, casting and mining, it has demanded specialties of labor and at the same time, surplus production of food in an effort to support artisans. All this while searching for new raw materials needed for colonization and exploration of new lands. The process has then concluded the civilizations of Sumer and Mesopotamia.

A New Beginning

Afterwards, the Mycenaean and Minoan civilization has opened trade routes in central Europe in which copper and tin were being mined. This activity has greatly promoted native industries as well as political unification, particularly in Austria, Alpine region and Hungary. It has paved way to Iron Age which followed under Etruscan, Scythian and Greek influences.